23 October 2017

Bite Sized Books // Where I Declare My Love For Mariana Zapata’s Books

Bite Sized Books_zpsszuklfto.png
I have been intending to write a review for Mariana Zapata’s books for a good long while. A month, even! I read them when I was on holiday and adored them in every way. At least, the first ones I read (the two I read when I got home weren’t quite as good but they showed great potential). I knew I wanted to tell you guys how brilliant they were but I really couldn’t find the words to say why other than to flail and say read them! I still knew I had to feature them, though. There are just some books you have to talk about even when you’re utterly inelegant about them. I mean, even Zapata’s worst books were enjoyable they just weren’t up to scratch to my favourites from her.

The Ones I Adored

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
Published: 28th February 2016
Source: Bought
Genre: Sports romance, Contemporary, Adult
My Rating:
Vanessa Mazur knows she's doing the right thing. She shouldn't feel bad for quitting. Being an assistant/housekeeper/fairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was always supposed to be temporary. She has plans and none of them include washing extra-large underwear longer than necessary.

But when Aiden Graves shows up at her door wanting her to come back, she's beyond shocked.

For two years, the man known as The Wall of Winnipeg couldn't find it in him to tell her good morning or congratulate her on her birthday. Now? He's asking for the unthinkable.
What do you say to the man who is used to getting everything he wants?
This was the first book from Zapata I heard about. I am a girl who loves romance, and more specifically sports romance, and I also adore fake relationships so when I heard there was a book which included all three of them you can bet I was interested in reading. Only problem? It was over 600 pages long. The average romance is like 300 pages, you can imagine I was intimidated by a book which was twice that. It’s why I didn’t bother buying until I knew I had all the time in the world to read it, when I was on holiday. I almost didn’t pick it up even then, luckily I avoided that mistake and found my first of my favourites from Zapata.

I adored Vanessa, she puts up with no crap and she didn’t swoon for Aiden just because he was some hot shot NFL player. She didn’t care. He had been a means to an end so could pursue her career. She handed in her notice and didn’t look back and I didn’t blame her as Aiden was annoying as hell, he was an island, and he didn’t stand up for her. She would have stayed focused an independent from Aiden if he hadn’t offered something she wanted, money to truly give her the independence she craved, she just had to marry him to help him stay in the US. Easy, right?

Well, it’s safe to say from there I fell in love as Aiden stayed being gruff and focused, but a little less of an island under Vanessa's influence. And I adored it. I didn’t even notice the length of the book because I was so invested in these characters. I swooned and sighed and grinned like and idiot and fell head over heels. I truly did, this was the best. Don’t be put off by the length but strap yourself in for a slow… very slow ride. This is the ultimate of slowburn. The romance moves at a glacial pace and it might frustrate the hell out of some. I was on the edge of my seat and loved every minute, though.

Dear Aaron
Published: 10th June 2017
Source: Bought
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult/New Adult
My Rating:
Ruby Santos knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up to write a soldier overseas.

The guidelines were simple: one letter or email a week for the length of his or her deployment. Care packages were optional.

Been there, done that. She thought she knew what to expect.

What she didn’t count on was falling in love with the guy.
Then onto the second of Zapata’s books which I read. I hadn’t got this one on my radar until Nick reviewed it (funny how Nick often is the person who puts romance on my radar). I wasn’t quite as eager to get a hold of this one because Nick had said the pacing was a bit off with some of the romance and that it could have been shorter, the concern I had when it came to buying Wall of Winnipeg. I went ahead, though, because I loved the idea of a couple writing to one another and falling love. The concept slayed me and the reality was even better than expected.

Ruby and Aaron were so cute together. Ruby was brilliant and I loved that she lived with her parents still but was pursuing her career because I live at home too and it isn’t great but it’s a good means to and end. And Aaron was great building this friendship with Ruby as one of his few contacts back home so he could cope throughout his deployment.

I adored it and was totally sucked in from the start. I was gone for Aaron and adored Ruby from the very beginning. She was way geekier than me but I totally got her and her fandom ways and her quirkiness and how utterly why she is. I just connected with her straight away as I saw a lot of myself in her.

I loved how the format of the book demonstrated the progression in the relationship. We begin with emails being sent with them being a bit awkward as hey got to know one another and slowly connect. It then changes to IMs as the pair get closer and talk more often and it develops as they grow closer. It totally worked and I loved it.

This was such a cute book and I was expecting it to be angstier because Aaron was in the army but it actually was way more cute and fun and I loved it for that. It was nothing like I thought and everything which I wanted in a romance. I had a silly grin going on while I was reading and I'm not ashamed of that fact.
Published: 20th March 2015
Source: Bought
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Sports Romance, Adult
My Rating:
“Trust me, I’ve wanted to punch you in the face a time or five.”

When the man you worshipped as a kid becomes your coach, it’s supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. Keywords: supposed to.

It didn’t take a week for twenty-seven-year-old Sal Casillas to wonder what she’d seen in the international soccer icon—why she’d ever had his posters on her wall, or ever envisioned marrying him and having super-playing soccer babies.

Sal had long ago gotten over the worst non-break-up in the history of imaginary relationships with a man that hadn’t known she’d existed. So she isn’t prepared for this version of Reiner Kulti who shows up to her team’s season: a quiet, reclusive, shadow of the explosive, passionate man he’d once been.

Nothing could have prepared her for the man she got to know.

Or the murderous urges he brought out in her.

“Sal, please don’t make me visit you in jail. Orange isn’t your color.”

This was going to be the longest season of her life.
And then the third, and in some ways my favourite. I actually had to figure out how to connect my Kindle to my phones internet to read this one while I was away because I brought it halfway through reading Dear Aaron because I knew I needed to read more Zapata and especially this one. It was another that had come onto my radar when I heard of Wall of Winnipeg because sports romance! I was put off by the fact it was a football (soccer) romance because I am not a huge fan of football, I see it enough on TV at home, do I really need to read a romance about it too. Also, the last sports romance which involved football I tried to read was Scoring Wilder and I hated it so I thought I might not like Kulti I was convinced by the fact Zapata wrote it and I am so glad I was.

I think this one clicked for me because I adored the fact it was a romance with an age gap. I was full on in love with Kulti too. Also, it was so similar to Pitch and my favourite ship in that (Mike/Ginny 4eva) that I was fully in love from the beginning.

This one was an enemies to lover romance and it was spot on. Even better, Sal wasn’t the usual girl in her early twenties falling in love but instead 27 and had several years playing on the football team who was focused on her career. She was determined to be the best she could be (with a few exceptions) and she was determined to do her best. And Reiner Kulti was a grumpy guy who had passed the peak in his career and who really didn’t want to be coaching when he was a world famous player. And he had been a dick to Sal’s brother and was basically horrible to anyone he spoke to and so Sal wasn’t willing to put up with crap from him at all.

I loved the dynamic between the two whenever they spoke and how throughout the book they grew closer. First, they became friends before any hope of romance happened. And then there was Sal’s family! I adored her parents and would have happily had them feature far more in the book. I would return to read more about Kulti and Sal’s life given half a chance.

This was the best kind of sports romance for me. It was about a female athlete for once and was absolutely brilliant. It even had a really good age difference romance for me to love. I will read all the books!

The Ones I Liked Less

Under Locke
Published: 19th January 2014
Source: Bought
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
My Rating:
He was my boss, my brother’s friend, a Widower, an ex-felon, and a man I’d seen casually with a handful of women. But he was everything that gripped me, both the good and the bad. Worst case scenario if things turned awkward between us, I could go somewhere else. I’d gotten over epic heartbreak before, one more wouldn’t kill me.

After moving to Austin following six months of unemployment back home, Iris Taylor knows she should be glad to have landed a job so quickly... even if the business is owned by a member of the same motorcycle club her estranged father used to belong to. Except Dex Locke might just be the biggest jerk she’s ever met. He’s rude, impatient and doesn’t know how to tell time.

And the last thing they ever expected was each other.

But it was either the strip club or the tattoo shop.

… she should have chosen the strip club.
It just makes me sad when you read a book which doesn't work for you from an author you love. I mean, I still haven’t read all of Zapata’s books so there is still a chance there are more from her I don’t like but it made me sad as this was the first book by her I didn’t adore. It was partially a me thing for me to dislike it. I wasn’t a fan of the whole motorcycle gang aspect of the book. I may have enjoyed Sons of Anarchy but it’s a bit iffy when it comes to gang things. Also, when I began reading it was the last day on my holiday and my brain wasn’t totally focused on the book. That lack of focus when it came to reading this meant I didn’t become fully absorbed either.

It had all the usual marks of a Mariana Zapata book but it just missed the mark for me. I think it was the fact it was a biker gang book and Dex was just not what I wanted. He came across as a dick (hence the nickname in the book) and whilst he revealed a softer side his dickish tendencies were too much for me.

It was a good read for some, I’m sure, but not for me. It makes me sad but there always has to be one, right?
Published: 7th August 2015
Source: Bought
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
My Rating:
Most people would describe Katherine Berger as a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend who takes care of those close to her, and the possessor of a wicked sense of humor. There was something about her that most people didn't know. "My name is Kat Berger, and I love porn."

When twenty-five-year-old Kat is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend, she's both embarrassed and nervous. The last thing she ever expected was to meet someone who makes her laugh like no other. This is a story about acceptance and friendship, and a love born out of the most unexpected of places.
This was a really good friends to lovers story and I enjoyed it. I didn't fall head over heels for it like Zapata's later books but you can see the essence of the great stories she writes and I did enjoy it. This only ended up on the bad list because I wasn’t head over heels and totally absorbed like I expected to be.

The book starts at a porn convention so it was safe to say I was a little hesitant going in to see whether I'd like it. Turns out it was hilarious and I enjoyed it. Sure, occasionally Kat and her friends seemed a bit OTT, almost like caricatures of who they really were because they were too much. But I did enjoy it and I loved Kat's close-knit group of friends and how they were all so close.

I thought some stuff went too fast in this book and some things too slow but the pacing wasn't a major issue. It was the first time I felt like a Zapata book was a touch too long though. I actually noticed a bit of a drag in the story towards the end.

As a whole it's a funny romance that I enjoyed as a weekend read. It may not have ticked all my boxes but it did tick a lot of them.

Now I have declared my undying love for Mariana Zapata I feel a strong need to go read those last two books by her. Who was the last author whose entire backlist you went and bought after one book? And any awesome romance authors you feel the need to recommend?

22 October 2017

Sunday Summary // 22.10.2017

Sunday Summary
Hi all, it’s Sunday again. I have had a pretty calm week once more, although I wish I had been way more productive blog wise.

I survived hurricane Ophelia with no more damage then blown about rubbish and a few branches. I also survived the creepy apocalyptic sky we experienced when the storm hit. I love how dust from the Sahara could turn the sky in the UK another colour. I now just have to make it through storm Brian with the rain and strong winds. The weather in some parts of the country really was crazy, though. I’m lucky to live in the middle of the country so we didn’t get the brunt of the storm but the dregs of it. We can’t complain like some folks and the damage caused but it’s good to see we could all joke about it with plenty of pictures of twisters being seen throughout the country (for those non-Brits a Twister is a delicious ice cream). We kept upbeat, it was a fun day on Facebook.

You know how I had a chilled week of work last week? This week was not as chilled, I am exhausted. With my supervisor out I have filled in for her this week and whilst I’ve answered everyone’s questions and trained our newbie and basically been exhausted and had the time fly by every day at work. I’ve really appreciated that half-hour lunch break so I can just relax and I’ve liked reaching the end of the day. I’m just glad I got to the weekend to relax a touch. I love being busy at work so the time will fly but it was pretty constant all week and it is mentally exhausting.

I have been playing a whole heap of The Sims this week as well. I have yet to embrace Sims 3 or 4 fully, I have moved my entire download folder over to my laptop and on my old one it took about twenty minutes to load the game, on this one it takes under five, it’s brilliant. I’ve been playing a lot of Sims recently but I also may have read one and a but new books which weren’t rereads! I celebrate small things.

What I’ve Been Reading

25750546332613865SatelliteSeeing RedEliza and her Monsters
Like I said, I have managed to read something which wasn’t a reread and that made me insanely happy. But I did begin the week rereading both Act Like It and Pretty Face. I adored both just as much the second (or third) time around. I then tried to give Satellite a chance but honestly, the style of writing wasn’t suited to me. I don’t think it helped I was reading it as an eARC. I think I could have put up with it more in a finished copy, which sounds weird, but with an ARC you end up feeling like it’s missed editing and it looks rough and ready, it’s easier to handle in an actual finished book, you know? I read Seeing Red and enjoyed it, although the MCs did bother me a bit, the mystery was brilliant. I began reading Eliza and her Monsters last night and I am loving it so far, why did you guys not force me to read it as soon as I said I’d bought a copy?

New To Me

KeepsakeReady Player One
I got two more books this week and I am proud there weren’t more (I shop more when I’m stuck in a bit of a slump and a loss as to what to read… probably in the hopes I’d find something good to pick up). And both these books were on offer so I sort of accidentally bought them. I am determined to read everything Sarina Bowen has ever written, though, so I will keep buying this True North series even if I have yet to read. And the trailer for Ready Player One reminded me I wanted to read and it’ll take a year for me to remember to remind my brother I want to borrow his copy. It was easier to treat myself to the Kindle Daily Deal instead.

What have you been up to this week? Anyone else find themself playing games which are over ten years old and unable to move on? No? Just me? That’s cool.

20 October 2017

My Thoughts // I Don’t Know What To Read

My Thoughts_zpsv3m9csox.png
I cannot settle on what to read. It’s an issue I come across all the time. I sit there staring at my bookshelf and can’t make a decision about what genre I fancy reading. Or if I do pick a genre I don’t know what books specifically I’m craving. I am hopping from book to book completely lost as to what I'm looking for. Each page is interesting but I'm left with the vague sense that something is missing. I just haven't found what I'm looking for. I got a lucky break with my last couple of reads and settled into some really good books but once more I am adrift unsure what to pick up next, so then I end up rereading old favourite (I <3 Lucy Parker). I know I want to read but I don't know what it is I want to pick up.

I am a mood reader. I might have mentioned that before. I don't know how people set themselves a monthly TBR because the constraint would kill me. Setting restrictions means I just want to break them. I am contrary. I simply cannot help myself. It means TBRs don't work for me and I am left to my own reading devices. Not great when it comes to ARCs but does mean my monthly reading list is varied and I am always reading something different… and being stuck in one genre for too long from time to time. It means I will never know what books I will pick up and I’ll always have at least twenty books waiting on stand by depending on my mood.

My question is how does everyone decide what to read next? And what do you do when you can't figure it out? I'm not in a slump. I am dying to read but I don't know what it is exactly I'm craving. I notice myself rereading a lot lately and I think that has to do with my not knowing what to pick up next. I am the person that struggles when there are too many options so maybe may towering TBR pile is not so much a help as I originally thought but instead a hindrance. Some might say maybe I should conquer it but I’ll stick to rereading until my reading mood can figure out what it’s looking for.

Do you have your books all planned out week to week or month to month? Or do you read whatever takes your fancy and just roll with it?

17 October 2017

The Love Experiment // I Didn’t Fall In Love In 36 Questions… It Just Took A Shirtless Man Holding A Cat

The Love Experiment
Published: 1st October 2017
Source: Bought
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
My Rating:
Can you fall in love in thirty-six questions?
The closest rookie lifestyle writer Derelie Honeywell gets to megastar reporter Jackson Haley is an accidental shoulder brush in The Courier's elevator. That is, until the love experiment: a study designed to accelerate intimacy using thirty-six questions and four minutes of sustained eye contact.

As far as Derelie is concerned, Jack Haley has always been a man best imagined in his underwear. He's too intimidating otherwise. But participating in the love experiment is her make-or-break chance. With another round of layoffs looming, Derelie knows holding on to her job means getting the story no matter what. Even when the what is kissing Jack like a maniac.

Jack Haley has zero interest in participating in a clickbait story. He didn't plan on finding Derelie smart and feisty and being mesmerized by her eyes. He certainly had no intention at all of actually falling in love with her.

The conclusion to this experiment? Thirty-six questions might lead to love, but finding the answer to happily-ever-after is a lot more complicated.
I had never heard of Ainslie Paton before and I only picked up The Love Experiment because Nick reviewed it and said it came on her radar because of Lucy Parker, an author I love, so I had to check this out. I preordered it and everything. I have no regrets, it was a swoon-worthy and addictive read I wasn't 100% I'd love but went in optimistic.

It all revolves around two reporters at a struggling newspaper answering questions to an experiment to see if it can forge a connection between them. As the title demonstrates, love is definitely involved, it's classified as romance after all. Jackson Haley is a respected investigative reporter who thinks he is above such ridiculous lifestyle pieces and Derelie (rhymes with merrily) is a relative newbie hoping to keep her job and solidify her position at the paper as rumours of cutbacks continually swirl. Jackson is reluctant and is strong-armed into it all and Derelie demonstrates she is determined and not easily put off.

I adored Derelie as soon as I met her on the page, even if she did have questionable tastes when it came to Yogaboy and his man bun (few can pull off a man bun and anyone I see with one immediately makes me think knob... sorry to man buns everywhere). She was likeable as the woman just beginning her career. Who bravely left her comfortable small town for an adventure and who was determined to succeed. You can easily relate to her as we all have had similar struggles. You want her to succeed with the story and you want her to get everything she wants because she may be sweet, but she's fun and determined and doesn't put up with shit and will ugly cry when an occasion calls for it, but only later when no one can see.

Jackson was not as easy to like. He began acting like a dick and he continued to lash out and be a jerk, and a condescending jerk at that. He seemed like I wouldn't like him with his putting down Derelie and refusing to cooperate at every turn like he was such hot shit. But then Derelie went to his apartment and the Jesus Jeans happened and you met Martha, his cat. I am a sucker for a man with animals and so when you met Martha the determined cat escape artist and learnt Jackson was messy and an actual human being, then I began to fall for him. He actually had all kinds of emotional issues, but he wasn't a bad person and he was so damn scared of revealing a soft underbelly that you vaguely got his dickish behaviour. It doesn't excuse it but then he cooperates with the experiment and all kinds of good stuff happens from there.

I thought as the book progressed I would love it and it would be predictable and maybe not stick with me but it kept doing things a little differently than I expected and by the end, I was in love. I even misted up a bit with the grand romantic finale (there were animals involved again, how could I not?).

Ainslie Paton may not have been an author on my radar before reading The Love Experiment but she definitely is now. This book hooked me in all the right ways and when I was beginning to think I'd never find I book I fancied reading either. I am tempted to employ this question asking approach to my dating life, what could go wrong?

Have you read this or anything else by Ainslie Paton? What was the best romance you read that just fell on your radar by accident? And why are romances which involve pets so good?

15 October 2017

Sunday Summary // 15.10.2017

Sunday Summary
I had the most relaxing beginning of the week (although my Sunday post was a day late) and I didn’t blog as much as I hoped but it was a great week. I didn’t go into work until Wednesday so I only had a three day working week which was pretty damn awesome, I could get used to that. I didn’t do a whole lot with my days off other than catch up on a little blog reading and a whole lot of Netflix watching. Sometimes a chilled couple of days is all I need.

Last time I told you we were getting a newbie at work, she started while I was off but I met her Monday. She is young! She’s just 18, I am telling you the newbies keep getting younger! She’s quite quiet but I think she’s scoping us out. At least she’s picking stuff up fairly fast so I’m hoping she’ll work out. I think this every time we get a new starter, though.

I also got some great news about someone who recently left the office, he’s coming back. He’s been offered a job in another department and so he’ll be coming back at the end of the month. I’m so excited! The office has been a lot less fun since he left so I’m glad to have him back.

What I’ve Been Reading

Wilde in LoveThe Love Experiment
I admit, I haven’t been reading as much this week. I have been binge watching Scorpion because it’s easy viewing and I just haven’t been able to figure out what I fancy reading. I was craving a bit of historical romance after going to Bath, though, so Wilde in Love arrived at the right time and it was brilliant! And I started The Love Experiment when I decided I simply didn't know what I wanted to read and I am in love. It is so good. I'm only a third of the way in and I adore it.

New To Me

SpellslingerBut Then I Came BackAsh and QuillWhile the Duke was Sleeping35521513Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
I know, there are a whole heap of books again. Turtles All The Way Down and the new Illustrated Harry Potter were preorders so I was excited to get those in the post. The rest, well, I have spending problems. I couldn’t say no, though. They were on offer!
The Girl in the TowerTo The Duke, With Love
I also got two ARCs which I didn’t really need but I mean, The Girl in the Tower, I adored The Bear and the Nightingale so I was so excited to get that to read. And I just can’t say no to some good old St Marten’s Press romance, I really can’t.

How was your week? Anyone else prefer a quieter week from time to time?

13 October 2017

Five Reasons to Read… Cormoran Strike Series

I decided to resurrect this series of posts because, honestly, sometimes thinking of five good points about something is the easiest way to convince folks to give a book a chance. I haven’t done one of these posts in ages but then I read two books series I absolutely loved but I couldn’t review each individual book because spoilers! So instead I will do a couple of these posts and attempt to convince you to read the books two.
18192717The SilkwormCareer of Evil
I first heard of Cuckoo’s Calling and the Cormoran Strike series when it was revealed that Robert Galbraith was a JK Rowling pseudonym I obviously wanted to read the books because JK Rowling! But also because I enjoy some good mystery fiction. I read the first one a few years ago and I know it took me a while to read last time but I really enjoyed it. The fact that it took me a little while to read, though, meant I put off reading the next one. Like three years later I was on holiday and the BBC had begun airing the series and I decide to reread the first book and read the next two (my mom had bought the books after all, it would be rude not to read them). I am so glad that everything fell into place to give me time to read them because the Cormoran Strike series was amazing and so worth a read. I am going to attempt to convince you to give them a chance.

JK Rowling wrote it!

jk rowling
Look, for many that reason alone will be enough. But they’ve probably already picked up the books and you’re not really the folks I need to convince now, are you? But seriously, the fact JK Rowling wrote them should suffice, her writing skills are excellent and we all know she can write a whole cast of characters and make you care about them. She is so smart and it really shows in her writing. I was seriously hooked second time around by her characters and the story and it was all just so well written. It’s seriously insane how good a writer she is, I think I forget that when it comes to Harry Potter because the story is so familiar I miss the writing itself but it’s not any old author who can appeal to both young and old audiences.

The mysteries hook you in and keep you guessing (that doesn’t always happen)

The Cormoran Strike series is a mystery/thriller series all about a private detective and the cases he works. There is always a big mystery with smaller ones within each book as well and I have yet to figure out ‘whodunnit’ before the big reveal. You are continually kept guessing as the clues are revealed and the evidence seems to hint at someone else you can never quite figure it out (at least I didn’t). Even if I did figure out I don’t think I’d mind because the books are so good and you have to keep reading because you can never quite figure out the details of how.

I think I forget that Rowling is a good mystery writer but she tested her skill to begin with in Harry Potter. Looking back on it now I think that’s half the reason those books appealed because there was a mystery within each one which was then revealed at the end. Sure, it’s a fantasy setting but at it’s heart there are mystery elements and you see that once more in the Strike series and you see it done with greater skill and the mysteries are more complex and it’s brilliant.

We have a grumpy MC and he is flawed and I love him.

Cormoran Stirke is not the stereotypical mystery hero (at least not the type you see in a lot of books). He isn’t typically handsome. He is not sweet, kind and lovable. He’s actually pretty damn grumpy, very flawed, and the kind of guy you definitely wouldn’t look at twice on the street (unless you’re looking at the Tom Burke version, in which case you totally would). I loved how Cormoran felt so human. he didn’t always say or do the right thing, he’s a bit of a dick sometimes and I definitely disliked him from time to time, but he’s also smart and brave and good. Basically, he is totally human

They may be long but you never once get bored,

The first three books total 1579 pages. I did that in just over three days and that’s a whole lot of words. Most of the books I read average around 350 words and sometimes I struggle with even that so reading a book which has 500+ words is always daunting. Not once did I notice how many pages there were and normally I’m always conscious of how may pages are left in a chapter or a book. I mean, this is also true of the Harry Potter books, I can read those and not even care what page I’m on but I was totally surprised to experience the same thing here.

I am hooked by the will they won’t they relationship between Cormoran and Robin.

Look, when I told a friend about this series (although I was more trying to convince her to watch the BBC series, even though the books are better, her attention span is not good enough for long books) she instantly predicted Cormoran and Robin would end up together. I ship them together pretty damn hard and that’s not just because I think Robin’s fiancĂ© is an undeserving toad who doesn’t support Robin anywhere near enough. I also think the chemistry between Robin and Cormoran is off the charts.

The pair do have an excellent friendship and working relationship and although it begins rocky between them because Cormoran does almost knock her arse over tit down the stairs and then he is gruff and grumpy and can’t even remember her name! By the end of the book they are friends and as the series continues they become closer, he gets an invite to her wedding, they can chat and joke and it’s brilliant. Personally, I kind of want Cormoran and Robin to get it on (I love romance) but even if they don’t their friendship is spot on and I adore them both.

Have I convinced you yet? The books are so worth the time and as readers we should all venture out of our comfort zone from time to time and here is a good book to do that with. Anyone else read this series or have a similar recommendation to make?

09 October 2017

Sunday Summary // 04.10.2017

Sunday Summary
I know this is a day late but I was in Bath for the weekend for a friend’s hen do and was far too exhausted to get it finished for Sunday. I hope you can forgive me, but I did pretty much faceplant my bed as soon as I walked in, I was exhausted.

First off, can we all just stop watching the news? Is that allowed? I feel like every time I turn on the TV the world is crumbling that bit more and Donald Trump is making another stupid comment and someone in the UK government has made another idiotic comment about Brexit which is completely illogical and I just feel like pulling my hair out. My thoughts are with everyone in Vegas and those affected by it. it was awful and it’s utterly insane and every time stuff like that happening the US I question why there aren’t more laws in place for gun control to try and help prevent stuff like this happening. I have also been left questioning what is wrong with people reading up on a crime which happened in my town where a homeless guy was taken in by a family. They helped and supported him for a year and he then turned around and attacked them. He has now been convicted but these things seriously make you question what is going wrong in the world.

So yeah, I want to stop watching the news, they say ignorance is bliss, right?

But outside of the news bringing me down real life has been surprisingly good. Work hasn’t been awful, we’ve had folks out sick, but I think because I know I’m off for a few days around the weekend I am just letting everything go and just getting my head down working. I have been productive and even though I am exhausted after working last Saturday (and after a hen do) I am happy with how everything has been going so far. We have a new starter while I’m off and I may not be looking forward to training (my manager is out a week after the newbie starts so guess who the trainer will be that week?) I am looking forward to having a full team. I am annoyed it’s another woman (we only have one male in the department, we need some eye candy people!) but she’s meant to be nice so fingers crossed guys. This one has to work out, right?

I went to Bath on Friday for the weekend and it was such a great weekend. I didn’t get to see anywhere near enough stuff in Bath (I didn’t even get to go in one bookshop) but I did love the city and hope to go back at some point. I visited the Roman Baths and I did a whole heap of walking seeing the Jane Austen centre and the Circus and the Royal Crescent and that was amazing. I would have loved to go in the Jane Austen centre but maybe another time.

One of the big things my friend wanted to do was have afternoon tea and I ate a Sally Lunn Bunn and they are amazing! If you’re going for afternoon tea and don’t want to spend a fortune I really recommend it, the place is very small inside but it’s over several floors and the staff there are so nice! The girl whose hen do it was got a complimentary glass of champagne when we got there and they were so good about trying to get us all on the same table considering there were 9 of us! And can I say Sally Lunn Bunn’s are delicious.

We went to a spa on the Sunday and I felt so relaxed afterwards! They didn’t do treatments (they did at prices that made me want to cry) but the pools and sauna’s, etc. were included. I felt so relaxed after being in there and it was really brilliant. I’ve never been in a spa so it’s convinced me I’d been willing to go to another and maybe get a treatment or two.

Basically, it was a great weekend in Bath, we experienced culture and plenty of good food. Some relaxation to work that off, and I also drank a few cocktails and boy do I love cocktails. It wasn’t your typical hen do with L plates and strippers and everything (although, does every country do that or is it just us in the UK?) but it was exactly what she wanted and she seemed to have a great time. I am now exhausted and I got no reading done all weekend!

What I’ve Been Reading

I mentioned last week I’d started rereading a favourite series from last year and here are the books so far. I’ve failed epically at reading practically any September or October ARCs but I am loving the Kate Daniels series. The last book is out next year so I kind of want to get all caught up. I did have strong historical romance urges whilst in Bath, though, so I may take a break from the series and read a bit of HR and maybe that will shift my new book slump.

New To Me

The Love ExperimentShining ThroughOn The EdgeDead Witch WalkingSaving Mr Perfect5JetRomeRiveted
It turns out when I’m in a slump I shop. Add in all the Kindle deals happening and there is no hope for me. I am excited for my books, but I’m always excited for my books. Fingers crossed I get to reading them all because there is a whole heap. I’m kind of trying to get all of Jay Crownover’s books and considering I’ve only ever read one book by her I’m not sure why but I’ve heard good things and I’m craving romance so it could work.
Seeing Red
I got a book in at the library I requested, though. This was a Nick inspired request so I hope I enjoy it. It will feed my craving for something different, at least.
Wilde in Love
And one single review copy in. I agreed to participate in a blog tour for Eloisa James’s newest book and I am totally excited to read something by her finally. I hope I love it!

How has everyone’s week been? Anyone want to join me in avoiding the news? And anyone else found themself rereading a favourite series when stuck on what to pick up next?